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Purchasing original can be daunting, not so here.

I’ve tried to make very easy and fun.
Here’s How…
Browse  through my website gallery
You can scroll down through  all the images to view them or switch to the grouping categories and view in similar subject matter.
Click on a image you like and get the info.
It will describe the piece and let you know it’s status.
If it’s sold don’t despair haha, I may have another in a series that is very similar
or will be happy to paint you one very similar maybe in a deferent size.
I like to paint and will pretty much paint anything. If you have a request let’s do a commission, now that’s fun……
Email me with questions about your decision.
I include a frame with every piece and I can show you a couple of options you can choose from.
Then you can pay me easy and fun as well.
Credit card, check, anything but nickels.
I’ll bundle up the painting and send to you.
I value my gallery relationships and keep all pricing cosistant.
some pieces may be hanging in galleries  we can arrange for the purchase through them or I can retrieve it and sell it to you, but we will include them if you have seen it through
their hard work and wonderful help.
There wasn’t that easy.
Curt C.